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Month: February 2015

Hosting #Meteor app with #Modulus

Currently I am trying/learning development with Meteor framework. My first impressions are great! Some things were never that easy as they are with Meteor, it’s super fast, made with simplicity as core philosophy… I will write about Meteor in a separate post, when I learn enough of it and try it with some real world projects. At this point of time I want to bookmark here platform that enables hosting of Meteor apps – Modulus is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) for hosting Node.js based apps with full support for Meteor apps.… Read more Hosting #Meteor app with #Modulus

Proper date comparison in #JavaScript

If you want to check if some variable contains valid date in JavaScript, this is the way that works properly in all cases: isValidDate: function(d) { if ( === “[object Date]” ) { // it is a date, but still it could be ‘Invalid date’ which could make trouble if ( isNaN( d.getTime() ) ) { // date is not valid return false; } else { // date is valid return true; } } else { // not a date return false; } }