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Hosting #Meteor app with #Modulus

Currently I am trying/learning development with Meteor framework. My first impressions are great! Some things were never that easy as they are with Meteor, it’s super fast, made with simplicity as core philosophy… I will write about Meteor in a separate post, when I learn enough of it and try it with some real world projects. At this […]

JavaScript Mobile apps

Create online/offline proxy using #SenchaTouch

If you want to develop mobile app using Sencha Touch that will behave the same when device is online or offline, read the following: Nice and useful blog post about creating online/offline proxy in Sencha Touch


Proper date comparison in #JavaScript

If you want to check if some variable contains valid date in JavaScript, this is the way that works properly in all cases: isValidDate: function(d) { if ( === “[object Date]” ) { // it is a date, but still it could be ‘Invalid date’ which could make trouble if ( isNaN( d.getTime() ) […]


Ranking programmers in a team

Over the course of years of working on the most diverse web development projects in the role of a project manager, I was always facing up to the issue of additionally motivating the good programmers, eliminating the weak ones and waking up the potentially good, but lazy people. Everybody is a story in themselves and […]